Time for Android? LG G6

There are a great many websites on which to see detailed reviews for the devices I’m looking at. This is a quick review from my own personal take.

Compared to my list of requirements/hopes.

Age Android Charging Glance NFC Size
March 2017 8.0 USB C Quick Charge 3.0 Yes Yes Medium

Why did I get the LG G6?

I had seen early in my research that the LG G5 was fairly affordable second hand but was lambasted for the poor implementation of swappable modules. Somewhere along the way I took a look at LG G6 prices and reviews and realized they had also depreciated rapidly in price, but fixed all the issues of the G5. The price s still higher than I had been spending on the other devices but with the right deal, I would go for it.

Anyway, great size, helped by that 18:9 screen, flagship specs, that great dual camera setup, and wireless charging built in are adding the reasons I went for this.

What do I like about it?

The size and feel of this is great, that’s for too be the first thing. The 18:9 screen sits live up to the promise of getting a lot in on a comfortable space. The contrary between this and the Moto Z Play is stark in this regard. Speaking of the screen of dies have an always on display which is native and works well enough, and although I prefer AMOLED to LCD, it’s a really nice screen.

This is the first phone I have tried with a good camera and while the quality is not up with my Lumia 950, it’s certainly better than the other Android devices I have tried and that wide lens is very versatile.

LG’s skin of Android is going to devide opinion, and mine is that I’m OK with it, and happy that it priced an easy way to a dark theme this really does a decent job of being dark via the High Contrast Theme.

Wireless charging works well and better life is decent enough to last the day, although not up there with the Moto Z Play. The speaker sounds alright if lacking a little volume.

What didn’t I like about the LG G6:

The mono speaker is clear but not very loud and is easily covered virtually silencing it.

The always on display icons are a little small for being really obvious at a glance, and isn’t at all interactive, which isn’t a big problem but having seen ones that are via Moto Display or apps like Glace plus, it’s a slight shame. Being an LCD screen, I’m sure this is all about keeping battery usage down.

Sadly for a flagship level device, performance feels occasionally laggy. I feel I see skipped frames in Dream League Soccer, which I doubt is the most taxing game. Most of the time it’s fine but and the general is use is snappy enough, but yeah, I definitely see this.

I’m not totally sold on the all glass front and back. I don’t usually buy a cover for my phones but have for this – although it has survived a drop or too and been fine, I can’t shake the feeling it’s glass and glass is fragile.

[The following was added when I thought all I had left was uploading pictures, but I then turned over the phone and saw the smashed camera lens glass]
Which brings me to the rear camera glass. I noticed it for the first time when I flipped the phone over to take the picture for this post and saw the camera glass was shattered. The phone has been in a clear soft plastic case and I can’t think of an occasion in the last day or so which would have caused any damage to the phone, let alone destroying the camera glass. Turns out I’m not alone in this and the camera glass is a weak point – lots of people seem to have had this issue. The good news is that you can get replacement camera glass for around $10 on Amazon from several sellers, but even that indicates a thriving market that really shouldn’t exist.

Will I keep it?
I could do, yeah. I love the size, weight, and feel of it and it has the features like an always on display, Qi wireless charging, etc that I like to see. The biggest concerns for me are the camera glass and glass in general – I really don’t like putting my phones in a case, and I feel like I have to with this phone. Ah well, good device overall and i’m really starting to enjoy using it. Maybe I will keep this one (and buy replacement camera glas) or buy another in better condition.

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