Time for Android? Moto Z Play

There are a great many websites on which to see detailed reviews for the devices I’m looking at. This is a quick review from my own personal take.

The front and back of the moto Z play. On my version, a d-brand skin was on the back, and then I added a wireless charging style shell.

Compared to my list of requirements/hopes.

Age Android Charging Glance NFC Size
September 2016 8.0 USB C Quick Charge 3.0 No but AMOLED Yes Large

Why did I get the Moto Z Play?

It has a good features list, including wireless charging via a Moto Mod attachment, and excellent battery life. Reading reviews, it sounded very good and it quickly rose to be near the top of my list.

What do I like about it?

It had a great AMOLED screen, very fast charging, feels very solid and has a fast finger print sensor. And the battery life, which easily can last well into a second day.

Lenovo have done a decent job with Moto actions and Moto Display, which isn’t an Alway on Display, but shows witg a wave and allows you to see notification detail without unlocking. Software is largely up to date, at least for the security update, and Android feels polished and performance, with none of the hickups I find on the Nokia 6.

The sound is also decently loud from the ear piece which doubles as the phones speaker, and while I’m reluctant to ascribe better sound quality to it than some of the others, it’s decent with more bass (and I mean more, rather than a lot) than you get from most phone speakers.

Is big, but the router corners and slant towards the rear along the side meat it does not feel quite so big as the Nokia 6.

There really is plenty to like here.

What didn’t I like about the Moto Z play:

Is still big. I feel this when taking a long call, and my hand position is awkward and . It’s even bigger with the wireless charging mod, which also brings the phone over 1cm thick.

The camera is not bad but it’s not great either. And I do wish Moto Display had an always on option, as apps like Glance Plus are good but always feel a little off and unintegrated, which is exactly what they are.

And lastly, the finger print sensor being below the screen and not also being a home button or storing gestures. It’s location, especially with the meta ring around it, screens ‘home button’ but it does nothing but fingerprint authentication and locking the phone. And actually that means that a number of times I wanted to go home and find myself locking the phone. This is something fixed in the Moto Z2 play, which also shaves off a little thickness and improved the camera. Tempting.

Will I keep it?

Maybe, but it’s tough to say. I quite like it and heartily recommend to folks who like a larger phone. I’m inclined try to see if I can get a deal on the Moto Z2 play, although the size will be similar due to the moto mods. And the size is the main thing that makes me feel that the Moto Z line will be something I don’t stick with for too long. But I am getting used to it.

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