Shoppers Calculator

WindowsStorebadgeShoppers calculator started out as a simple shopping cart calculator and has over time collected some more advanced features, enabling use by people who want a simple adding tool to those who want to understand more about their shopping habits. It’s designed from the belief that having information like the total to hand is really important so I’ve tried to make sure that this info stays visible through adding items, editing them etc. For those in locations that use Sales Tax, it can calculate this for you as you go along.

It has a couple of features that are really helpful.

  • Shopping Lists
  • Shopping History
  • Statistics about individual items
  • Item quantities by weight
  • Support for multiple Sales Tax rates
  • Shopping History ($1 for the complete history feature)
  • 8 Categories of Discount (19 with In-App Purchase for $1)
  • Can get your local tax rate (In-App purchase for $1)
  • landscape mode – I think it’s the only app in this field that has that feature.
  • A buy everything purchase options

Shoppers Calculator is available now for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. It’s available with a limited feature set to users of Windows Phone 7, though that version is no longer being maintained.

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