Just Drive Privacy Policy

Just drive is a simple app, designed to allow you, the user, to use your phone’s maps more easily when the phone is mounted in a dashboard phone holder.

As a developer I respect users privacy and have developed this app to not collect or store user data more than necessary. Here is the information about the data used in this app.

Explicit user data I collect or store

None. This app is not backed by a coud database and all settings are saved locally on your device

Implicit user data I collect

There may be some minor usage date that is collected to assist with bug fixing and analytics as a part of building a Windows UWP application, which happens via Microsoft Application Insights. This data may include crash reports, and how often the app is used and how often select features are used (e.g. how often the driving view is used, or the near zoom level). All of this data is anonymized and can’t be traced back to you, the user.

User data collected by 3rd parties

There may be some data collected by Microsoft as a result of using Microsoft maps and the GPS on your Windows 10 Mobile device. The app is not ad funded and there is no advertising provider either collecting data or providing ads in this app.

For questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact:

Chris Martin