Time for Android? Nokia 6

There are a great many websites on which to see detailed reviews for the devices I’m looking at. This is a quick review from my own personal take.

Compared to my list of requirements/hopes.

Age Android Charging Glance NFC Size
January 2017 8.1, and on AndoidOne MicroUSB No, LCD Yes Big

Why did I get the Nokia 6?

I have been using Nokia devices since 2005 (exceptions are HTC HD2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and Lumia 950). and have an affinity towards the company. While HMD Global is not the same as Nokia, it’s more than just Nokia in naming rights only and I was interested in their return to smartphones.

I also read a blog by Microsoft Man who also switched to Android recently, albeit with the 2018 Nokia 6.1, which gave me confidence to go for it. Lastly, I will say I didn’t fully take in it’s size, which is really quite big.

What do I like about it?

Solid construction and a really nice, though slightly understated design. You can feel a lineage through Nokia 830, and Microsoft devices like the 650 and 950, to this. It’s an Android One device, which means it will get 2 years of feature and OS updates. This implies it should get Android 9 sooner or later and is currently running Android 8.1 with the August 2018 security patch. In other words, it’s bang up to day and will stay that way for some time.

What didn’t I like about the Nokia 6:

Odd to say for an Andoid One device, but the experience of using the phone lacked polish. The automatic screen brightness adjustment was overly aggressive, when navigation and any instructions were read out, the volume control was shown before and afterwards, there were hangs and lags, too.

Also, it’s really big, at least to me. It’s not bigger than the Moto Z play, but feels bigger and heavier. It’s an effort to tap near the top left when holding it one handed as a result.

Will I keep it?

It’s not bad, and get’s a lot right, and I love the idea of being up-to-date win Android One. But no, It feels too buggy and unpolished. I preferred using both the ZTE Axon 7 mini and the Moto Z play.

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